I am a flamenco artist. Flamenco came into my life in an unexpected way. Having been born in Cádiz, Andalusia, in the nerve centre of this universal art, I never paid special attention to it. Since I was very young, I have been lucky enough to listen to good music thanks to the environment that surrounds me. I began my studies at the conservatory very young, but an injury lasting several years prevented me from continuing. The ear never ceased to be stimulated, being able to enjoy and store a vast amount of music that it gradually assimilated, although unfortunately not with an instrument.

It was in Scotland where I began to develop the scenic practice of music. I think I had been doing the inner practice for many years before. From Cadiz I brought its essence, that is, although I never imagined how much I would need to express myself in these lands with such a different culture. Flamenco came like this to stay. As a way to express myself. To live. To stimulate me. To continue challenging the ear. To bring me home. Spectacularly useful instrument to get into the practice of other music.

It was here in Scotland where I needed to look for teachers and, taking advantage of trips “home”, I spent seasons dedicated to learning both singing, clapping and guitar. Here I took advantage and developed my musical career playing many concerts. I got experience. I kept studying. Since its beginnings, I have enjoyed the fusion with other styles, although I always try to look for “the pure” of flamenco. Listen to the old. I deepened it and in my own way I express it. The most knowledgeable say that it is a question of arriving, of transmitting. Besides that, you have to study a lot. My passion and supposed talent have allowed me to delve into a multitude of projects in which I have met great artists. I am currently learning. I have the opportunity to take my knowledge and my flamenco wherever I go. Along the way I keep opening doors that make this art more valued, appreciated and above all known because there is still great confusion among foreigners about what flamenco really is.

It’s been 20 years since I landed for the first time in this Scottish land and little by little, I’m visiting festivals, theatres and cities where I leave a little of myself, because in the end, I think that what hooks me most about flamenco is the therapeutic capacity and the amount of passion and energy that a concert requires.

I have worked & collaborated in many different music projects and groups involving Flamenco, Latin Music amongst other styles within the UK music scene since 2002. I also work as Lead Practitioner & Workshop Organiser, & Activities Coordinator delivering Music, Rhythm and Body Language workshops and other activities within schools, hospitals and many other different various centres, for people from a wide social background and age group, as well as mental health and physical and learning disabilities.

As part of my regular performances all around UK, I am a regular performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival yearly in August since 2006 to the present with many different projects some of them produced by my company TuFlamenco where I also teach the flamenco styles, percussion, guitar, rhythms, hand clapping or singing in different levels and abilities.

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