Since 2002 I have been performing all around Scotland with different projects. Since 2006 I have been a regular performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, every year in August with many different projects. In 2018 I co-founded TuFlamenco company as an Academy of flamenco and a live events production company where we created productions such “Flamenco Tablao”, “Flamenconova”, “From India to Triana” or “Flamenco in Scotland”. With Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company I am with Inma Montero the lead singer within his company from its very first production “Art of Believing”. Also I have been the singer from its beginnings of “Alba Flamenca” with Inma Montero in all its Fringe editions (2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017 and 2018), until our creation of TuFlamenco company. Also menction The KeNoDeKe collective: “Orkesta Simbolika” (2010-2011) and “Rumba Magica”(2008); “Dondeduendes” (2011) “Flamenco Flamenco”;  Andrew Robinson Flamenco Ensamble:  “Mosaico Flamenco” (2011-2012-2013-2014); the Show “India Flamenco” during the years 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017 and 2018. From all those so many projects I have accumulated a big list of reviews. some of them the links are broken and out of date. In any case I really need to update the list as most of them are not relevant anymore. 

Some Paragraphs

“(…) Danielo and Inma are gifted singers with amazing range. Their intense love for all things flamenco is confirmed by the conviction with which they sing. (…) adding complex beats to the ladies’ rhythmic clapping. I would have preferred more focus on the guitar personally, as the sporadic solos hinted at Dani’s extraordinary expertise. (…)”

“(…) The rich earthy voice of INMA MONTERO evokes a feeling of yearning and inherited sadness. (…) DANIELO OLIVERA is the male singer within the group. Within his voice is an intense, desire and longing that touches the audience. (…)”

“(…) GABRIELA POUSO her dancing is proud, regal and fiery. She dances with the confidence, her feet getting faster and faster revving up the audience who cannot believe the speed. She teases the audience with gentle and sensual movement of her hips and her flashing dark eyes, then she winks and sits down. This is Flamenco. (…)”

“(…) If performance is therapy, then this was a group session. Leading us through the emotional gymnastics was singer and dancer Danielo Olivera, carefully explaining the meaning behind each song before launching into a cathartic wailed melody. (…)”

“(…) and Edinburgh’s very own celebrated flamenco singer Danielo Olivera make for a show that is truly sensational! Technically astonishing performances illustrate a profound understanding of traditional flamenco flirting with the seductive flavours of jazz. A fusion that keeps flamenco music spirited and alive from start to finish! (…)”

“(…) Cadiz-born performer Danielo Olivera gives Rumba Magica its musical soul. Few explanations are provided for the lyrics to the songs but Olivera sings them with such heart, agility and a wonderful sandpapery tone that he could invest a reading from a bus ticket with a world of hurt, joy and celebration. (…)”

“(…) Aided and abetted by the wild singing of Cadiz-born Danielo Olivera and cajon percussion from Madrid David Montes, they bring the fire of the gypsy to the north with passion and gusto. (…)”

“(…) Danielo Olivera croons intensely, building the show to a melodramatic climax and witty encore. (…)”

“(…) an interactive evening which guides the audience through several different styles of Flamenco including alegrías, soleá, bulerías and tarantas. It is hosted by the charismatic Danielo Olivera who introduces each song with an explanation for us British folk which is detailed enough to be informative and brief enough to maintain the charismatic elusiveness that defines the world of Flamenco. (…)”

“(…) The guitarist (Andrew Robinson) gave a breathtakingly creative and technically excellent performance frequently stunning the audience into open-mouthed wonder. The host and singer (Olivera) was similarly accomplished, portraying (in a way only a flamenco singer can) the depths and heights of the human soul. His inclusive and friendly demeanour also allowed the audience access to what can sometimes be a very exclusive genre; the grating gitano emotion, so far from a British mentality, was not intimidating but liberating. (…)”

“(…) Danielo Olivera’s expressive, evocative vocals convey the narrative of passion hanging in the air as Mayte Beltran’s liquid arms twist above an athletic core. (…)”

“(…) Each of them, alone incredible, together a fusion of perfection. (…)”


  • ***** Alba Flamenca Show Fringe 2016
  • *** India Flamenco Show Fringe 2016 (The List)
  • ***** Alba Flamenca Show Fringe August 2015 -(
  • ***** Alba Flamenca Show Fringe August 2015 -(
  • **** India Flamenco Show Fringe 2015
  • **** Mosaico Flamenco Show Fringe 2014 -(
  • ***** Alba Flamenca Show Fringe August 2013 -(
  • **** Alba Flamenca Show Fringe August 2012
  • *** The List — With Orkesta Simbolika — Edinburgh Fringe 2011
  • — With “Mosaico Flamenco” — Edinburgh Fringe 2011
  •—— With DondeDuendes — Edinburgh Fringe 2011
  •— — With DondeDuendes — Edinburgh Fringe 2011
  • —— With DondeDuendes — Edinburgh Fringe 2011
  • — With DondeDuendes — Edinburgh Fringe 201
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